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Do you have limited available space and are looking for an innovative and affordable solution to capturing your precious rain water?

Underground water tanks are a popular method to conveniently concealing your tank and saving space around the home or property.

Paton stock a full range of underground polyethylene rainwater tanks. Coming in three sizes 2250L, 3000L and 5000L.

Certified to withstand both the ground and water pressure, all Poly Underground tanks are easily installed and have the smallest footprint in the industry – giving you the maximum water capacity  for the minimum square meterage.

So if you’re thinking out of sight and out of mind yet needing 100% reliability, then look no further than a Poly underground tank from Paton, your rainwater tank suppliers for Geelong and Victoria.

Poly Product Information

– Fully tested polyethylene tank designed to withstand ground and water pressure at depth

– Engineered by geotechnical experts including finite element analysis (FEA)

– Certified to AS/NZS 4766 Rainwater tank standard

– Certified to AS/NZS 1546

– Sealed locking tamper-proof lid

– With or without Vortex Filter (VF)

Global Product Information

– Full FEA structurally approved

– Meets all Structural Codes and AS1546 manufacturing and testing certification

– Easy to manage and install on site

– Suitable for submersible pump

– Moulded in food grade polyethylene

– With variable length riser, leaf strainer, light guard and lid



Paton also stock a full range of septic tanks. Coming in four sizes from 3000 to 6000L there is surely a polyethylene septic tank to suit your needs.

All Paton Septic Tanks are 100% tested and certified to Australian/New Zealand Standards.

All units feature lifting lugs for ease of placement during installation and large inspection openings.

Speak to us today to discuss a septic solution for your home.



Poly Product Information

– 10 minute hook-up: fittings and baffle are pre-installed

– One-piece tank with lifting lugs: lightweight and easy to handle.

– Australian manufactured: offering you maximum support and service

– Self-anchoring: does not require concrete

– Low profile design: minimal excavation depth

– Design life of 15 years.

Poly Product CodeCapacityPeople CapacityLength WidthHeight
ST31003,100 Litres1-5 People2,450mm1,640mm1,665mm
ST45504,550 Litres6-10 People3,520mm1,640mm1,665mm

Global Product Information

– Product approval with each state government

– Large secure lid for easy maintenance

– Lifting lugs provided for easy installation

– Baffle supplied and installed

– 10 year warranty

Global Prouct CodeCapacityHeightWidth
GR-SP25002,500 Litres2,000mm2,090mm
GR-SP30003,000 Litres2,000mm2,090mm
GR-SP45004,500 Litres2,818mm2,450mm
GR-SP60006,000 Litres2,818mm2,450mm

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